According to These Important Details, Beyoncé Might Give Birth to Her Twins Sooner Than You Think

Earlier this year, Beyoncé dropped her biggest surprise yet by announcing that she's pregnant — with TWINS! The Lemonade singer took to social media to share the news and, of course, broke the internet when it became the most-liked photo on Instagram, ever. But the biggest question on everyone's mind is most likely "When is Beyoncé due?" Well, we may just have the answer for you, according to these important hints dropped by Beyoncé herself.


— BEYONCÉ LEGION (@Bey_Legion) October 5, 2016

In October 2016, Beyoncé posted a photo of a new tattoo with three dots on her ring finger, right above her "IV" wedding tattoo. On Feb. 2, 2017, Queen Bey uploaded a beautiful poem about having "three hearts" written by Warsan Shire (whom she also collaborated with on her last album Lemonade). If the photo of Beyoncé's tattoo of three dots is in fact a homage to the amount of children she will have after giving birth to her twins, the date it was posted would put her conception date around September or October of last year. It also means she was about five months pregnant when she made her big announcement.

"I have three hearts."

Words by @warsan_shire

— BEYONCÉ LEGION (@Bey_Legion) February 2, 2017

According to a February report from Good Morning America, doctors who looked at her new photos also said Beyoncé appeared to be about 20 weeks along (five months!), which put her pregnancy due date sometime between mid-June to mid-July. It's important to note that the twins would most likely arrive this month because women who are pregnant with multiple babies often give birth early.

Although all of this is just a (well-thought-out) theory of Beyoncé's due date, it's safe to say most of us will be on watch for the arrival of the Carter twins when they arrive this year.