Only a Few Guys Besides The Weeknd Have Been Lucky Enough to Romance Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid's dating history includes some incredibly well-known names, but since those are the people in her social circles, it's really not shocking at all. Hadid's dating life has been under scrutiny for years, which has led to plenty of rumors about hookups and dates that have, on several occasions, panned out to not be true at all.

Speaking to Vanity Fair in 2022, Hadid said she long struggled with being a "people pleaser," and often sacrificed her own comfort for relationships in the past. "I constantly went back to men —and also, women — that had abused me and that's where the people pleasing came in," she revealed. "I started not having boundaries, not only sexually, physically, emotionally, but then it went into my work space. I began to be a people-pleaser with my job."

She continued: "I always felt like my voice was never heard growing up. I grew up around men — whether that was in relationships or family or whatever that was — where I was constantly told that my voice was less important than their voice." Hadid added, "Then moving into relationships growing up, and not having the boundaries of being able to stick up for myself and have my voice being heard, affected me in my adult relationships very intensely. My nervous system would crash. It was fight or flight."

Hadid has since reclaimed her voice and power by taking breaks from social media. "It sounds very cliché, but to not have the energy of everyone else and their projections being projected back onto you is one of the most powerful things of all time," she explained. "It's a cliché for a reason because it's a fact that it works."

Ahead, take a look at Hadid's past relationships.

Matthew Morton

Matthew Morton

Morton's (pictured left) relationship with Hadid happened before she was a superstar model. In fact, the only confirmation of their relationship came, ironically, in a 2015 Page Six article speculating about Hadid's relationship with then-boyfriend The Weeknd, in whichMorton was referred to as "[Bella's] old beau."

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In 2017, there were unconfirmed rumors that Drake and Hadid were seeing each other. The rumors went dormant for a while until Drake dropped his album "Scorpion" in the summer of 2018, with lyrics that clearly referenced a relationship with Hadid, per Elle. According to Harper's Bazaar, though, Drake was the one who ended the relationship by ghosting Hadid.

The Weeknd
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The Weeknd

Hoo boy, buckle up, because the saga of Hadid and The Weeknd is long and complicated. E! News first reported the newly formed couple in May 2015, when a source explained to them, "[Bella and The Weeknd] have many things in common and really enjoyed each other's company. She loves his music as well. They are hanging out for sure now." Over the next couple of years, they dated and worked together, too, with Hadid appearing in one of The Weeknd's music videos.

In November 2016, People reported the couple had split due to the strains of work and long-distance. "Their schedules have been too hard to coordinate and he is focusing on finishing and promoting his album," a source said, adding, "They still have a great deal of love for one another and will remain friends."

By the spring of 2018, the duo were captured by photographers several times, flirting and kissing, but didn't comment publicly; by the summer, they were openly back together again, sharing clips on social media and attending events together. In a December 73 Questions interview with Vogue, Hadid called The Weeknd "my boyfriend" and noted that he's the person who makes her laugh.

In early August 2019, though, E! News reported the couple had split again. "They are in different places right now, physically and mentally . . . [They] haven't spent quality time together in months," a source revealed. But all hope might not be lost: according to the insider, this might be more of a break than a breakup. "They hope to get back together at one point but for now are focusing on themselves and their projects."

Marc Kalman
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Marc Kalman

Following her split from The Weeknd, Hadid moved on with the art director. They first sparked romance rumors in the summer of 2020, per Us Weekly, and dated for three years before they eventually parted ways in July 2023. According to the publication, things ended "amicably" and there were "no hard feelings on either side."

Adan Banuelos

Hadid is now sparking romance rumors with the professional Texas horseman. In October 2023, TMZ published photos of Hadid and Banuelos kissing on the street in Forth Worth, TX. Given that Hadid is a competitive equestrian, their rumored romance actually makes a lot of sense.