Ivana Rojas Sounds a Lot Like Her Gentefied Character in Real Life

Gentefied is back for its second season, and it's added some new faces to the mix. One of them is Ivana Rojas who plays an up-and-coming chef named Sarai. According to Deadline, Sarai is "career-focused, hella ambitious, and a truth-teller." Similar to her character, Ivana also seems like a go-getter, having graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in broadcast journalism and worked in the entertainment industry as a sports reporter. In honor of the Nov. 10 premiere of season two of Gentefied, get to know more about Ivana with these fast facts ahead.

Gentefied Isn't Her First Acting Gig
Getty | Rodin Eckenroth

Gentefied Isn't Her First Acting Gig

Prior to her role on the beloved Netflix series, Ivana appeared in the 2021 horror film F.E.A.R. as Mary Costa. She's also had parts on a couple of shorts and 2020's Sneakerheads show.

However, Her Role on Gentefied Is Her Biggest to Date
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However, Her Role on Gentefied Is Her Biggest to Date

Ivana plays an up-and-coming chef in season two of Gentefied. Not only is it her biggest role to date, but the show's November screening in LA marked her first-ever premiere. And of course, she brought her mom along to celebrate the exciting milestone.

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She Also Doubles as a Sports Reporter

Ivana has been a sports reporter at Fox Sports for the past two years. She currently serves as the co-host of video game show Fox Gamers Elite alongside John Laguna, Rodolfo Landeros, and Mariano Trujillo.


She's a Huge Kobe Bryant Fan

Just one look at Ivana's Instagram and you'll see what a big Kobe fan Ivana is. She even had a Kobe cake for her birthday in 2015!


And She's a Travel Enthusiast

Ivana's Instagram is full of envy-inducing vacation photos from her trips to Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Belize, and more gorgeous locations.