Get to Know the Woman Who Shook Up Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Marriage

It was revealed recently that Ben Affleck has moved on from estranged wife Jennifer Garner with Lindsay Shookus, a tall, blond Saturday Night Live producer. While it was first believed that the two had struck up a romance after Ben and Jen's split — the former couple officially filed for divorce in April 2017 — it was soon reported that Ben and Lindsay's relationship actually began way back in 2013 . . . while he was still very much married to Jennifer.

So, who is the woman allegedly responsible for shaking up Ben and Jen's 10-year marriage? Lindsay Shookus is a 37-year-old New York native who graduated from University of North Carolina in 2002. She began a career in television production, working her way up from an assistant position at Saturday Night Live and racking up production credits on 45 episodes of 30 Rock between 2008 and 2010. Since 2012, she's been credited as a producer at SNL and is also the head of the sketch show's talent department, tasked with booking hosts, musical guests, and cast members. She's been nominated for seven Emmys, winning one for her work on the long-running series. In both 2015 and 2016, Lindsay was named as one of Billboard's most powerful female music executives.

In 2002, Lindsay met fellow television producer Kevin Miller, and they married in 2010. They welcomed a daughter in early 2013 but separated the following year. It's been alleged that Lindsay began dating Ben while still married to Kevin, who currently works for The Late Show With Seth Meyers. It was after an appearance on that show in 2016 that Jennifer Garner approached Kevin to tell him that she "had proof" in text messages that her husband and his wife were carrying on an affair. What's more, Jennifer also confronted Lindsay herself about the relationship; according to People, the producer "refused to back down or quit the affair." Since their romance was confirmed, Ben and Lindsay have been spotted on dates around LA looking smiley and at ease — but Jennifer, for her part, has also managed to keep her head up throughout the entire divorce ordeal.