10 Reasons Sofia Wylie Is the Role Model We Need Right Now

Sofia Wylie has had a big year. Though the 15-year-old is best known for playing the outspoken and self-assured Buffy Driscoll on Disney Channel's Andi Mack, she's also recently debuted her first single (and accompanying music video), recorded her first voice-acting gig, performed in her first feature film, and been cast in her dream role as Gina in the upcoming Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical. Not bad for someone who can't even drive yet! The Arizona native is a serious triple threat, and if you haven't heard of her yet, it's only a matter of time before you do. Here are some fun facts you should know about the up-and-coming star.


Sofia's Dog Has Her Own Instagram Account, Naturally

Like many pet parents out there, Sofia and her family set up an Instagram account for their dog, Baby Violet. There are pictures of Sofia scattered throughout, but the main focus is on the precious terrier. And yes, they do dress her up in clothes sometimes.


One of Her Favorite Movies Is Peter Pan

Of course this Disney Channel star loves all things Disney, and one of her favorite flicks is Peter Pan, as she can relate to the feeling of not wanting to grow up. "I want to stay a kid forever and I feel like I am a kid at heart," she told Kidz World. "I love watching animated movies and that type of thing. It was kind of hard for me to leave the 12-year-old age and the pre-teens and go into the actual teens but I don't feel much different."


She Wrote the Song "Side by Side" For Marvel Rising Herself

As well as voicing Riri Williams (also known as Ironheart) in Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron, Sofia sang and wrote the single "Side by Side" for Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts, which allowed her to debut her first-ever music video. "I've been working on my music career, spending endless hours in the studio creating original music," she has said. "Creating a song for Marvel Rising seemed like the perfect opportunity to start letting fans know about my soon to release music." If you haven't heard it yet, it's a total bop.


She Was a Dancer Before She Was an Actress

Before she got her big break as Buffy Driscoll, Sofia performed in everything from America's Got Talent to Justin Bieber's world tour in her hometown in Arizona, and even now, she could never choose between her passions for acting and dancing. "I started dancing before acting and I love it so much," she has said. As far as Buffy busting any moves in the show, Sofia said, "Who knows? Maybe in the future we will have an episode where Buffy breaks out some dance moves. That would be really cool. I'd love for her to have a dance battle."


She Has Her Own YouTube Channel

The actress uses her YouTube channel to show off her dancing and singing chops, with videos that include her recording in the studio and performing dance tributes to everything from The Greatest Showman to Mamma Mia! She even has a new series called "Dancing With Sofia" where she trains with new experts in each episode.


Her Biggest Role Model Is Zendaya

Sofia herself has become a role model to plenty of fans, but for her, she looks to former Disney Channel darling Zendaya for inspiration. "I've grown up watching Disney Channel like everybody else, and I always really looked up to Zendaya," she told InStyle. "I mean, what can't she do? She's just kind of everything. It's because of her that I wanted to be an actress and a dancer. She's really shaped me into the person I am today, and now I want to be able to do that for others."


Straightening Her Natural Hair Is One of Her Biggest Regrets

When Sofia was 10, she started straightening her hair after deciding she'd rather blend in with everyone else than sport her natural curls, and she considers the decision one of her greatest regrets. "I suppressed my true self, and even though it was about something as little as hair, it was a big part of me," she explained. "It changed me and my personality, and when I was 12, I realized that and decided that I wanted my curly hair back."


She Actually Used to Be Really Shy

Before she was enrolled in a dance studio, Sofia used to shy away from the spotlight. "I didn't want to talk to anybody that I didn't know well," she revealed to YSBNow. "I would always hide behind my mom." That's pretty hard to imagine nowadays!


Her Soccer Skills? Eh, Not Great

In her first feature film, Back of the Net, she played Cory Bailey, an American exchange student and not-very-athletic science whiz who accidentally winds up enrolled in a Sydney soccer program, and despite playing a basketball player in Andi Mack, learning soccer for the movie definitely didn't come easily. "I had actually done one little season of soccer, probably when I was five years old, with the kindergarten team," she said. "It was definitely something I had to relearn."


Her Older Sister Competed and Won on Chopped Junior

While Bella's greatest passion is for swimming (she's currently training to become a college athlete), Sofia's big sister is also a great chef. Her dad signed her up for season two of Chopped Junior without telling her, but it worked, because she got cast and eventually won the whole thing. "I know some siblings that if one succeeds, then they get a little jealous, and Bella is not like that at all," Sofia said of her sister. "She always supports me, always helps me through things."