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Source: ABC/Craig Sjodin

We partnered with ABC's The Bachelorette to remind you of all the reasons why we love the show. Make sure to tune in to the season premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 8|7c on ABC to catch all the drama.

Typically, Monday-night Bachelorette viewing parties (now Tuesday night!) were the norm for many friend groups. It was a time to hang out with our best buds, maybe have a glass of wine (or Champagne, if you were Team Kelsey), and gather in front of the TV to watch the drama unfold. Now, as we're all entering what feels like month 500 of social distancing, The Bachelorette is more needed than ever.

Why, you ask? Well, keep reading, and we'll count the reasons why you need to watch the upcoming season of The Bachelorette starring Clare Crawley.

We All Need a Little Escapism

Seriously — if you're not able to travel, go on fun dates, or even host a viewing party with all your friends, the crazy antics that are sure to unfold on The Bachelorette are the next best thing. Where else are you going to find 31 men living together in a bubble, trying to get the attention of one woman by setting up things like a huge blow-up bowling set or dressing up as a knight in a full suit of armor? And yes, those are both real things that Clare contends with on night one of meeting the guys. Regardless of how the season ends up, we're all desperately in need of some entertainment — and The Bachelorette is sure to deliver.

Image Source: ABC/Craig Sjodin

It's a Great Excuse to Hang With Friends (Even Virtually)

Even if you can't invite all your besties over for an in-person viewing party every Tuesday, The Bachelorette gives you a great opportunity to still stay connected, and even get a little creative. Why not set up a virtual viewing party where all your friends join in on the fun via Zoom — order or make all the same apps and take some time to catch up during the commercial breaks? You could even be a little more low-key and start a live text chain with your friends so you can react in real time to what's happening on screen, or engage with all the other watchers on Twitter.

The Drama of It All!

Arguably what makes The Bachelorette one of the best reality shows on TV is the insane amount of drama that happens in each episode. You never know what is going to happen from week to week. Not to mention, it's always a truly a hilarious pleasure to watch a group of grown men get so worked up — especially for women.

Image Source: ABC/Craig Sjodin

To See What Happens in This Unprecedented Season

OK, Chris Harrison, you promised us drama, so bring it on! Does Clare find love and say goodbye to the rest of the men early? Does someone else step in as the new Bachelorette halfway through the season? What will it be like watching a season where the cast can't leave the "bubble" because of COVID-19? Does that mean there will be no more far-flung travels around the world and no crazy dates or exploring new cities? Will hometowns even happen? Like Chris Harrison said, Clare "blows up" the show — whatever that means, get ready to watch it all unfold.

Watch the trailer below, and make sure to tune into The Bachelorette season premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 13, on ABC, if the NBA Finals Game 7 doesn't air.

Image Source: ABC/Craig Sjodin