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American Horror Story Recap Stevie Nicks

American Horror Story's Most Twisted Moments

Fleetwood Mac legend/apparent witch Stevie Nicks pays a visit to American Horror Story: Coven this week, and if you think you're excited, you should see Misty. In the first episode of the New Year, the witches have reached a truce. Marie and Fiona are getting along like two peas in a pod, but Cordelia is struggling to find her place now that she's been informed that she married a witch hunter. A new supernatural being has appeared in old New Orleans, and guess what he wants? Babies. Yeah, it gets messy this week.

Sadly absent are the head of Madame LaLaurie and any story lines involving Kyle. He just got kind of normal, bring him back! Oh, did I mention two people gently pass away are violently murdered on "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks"? We'll get to that. Here are the most twisted moments from this week's episode.

  • Marie assists in a double suicide. This week we find out exactly why Marie has been able to stay alive and perfectly preserved for over 300 years: she sold her soul to Papa Legba. This guy grants her eternal life, and in exchange, she has to do him one favor per year. I think it's hilarious that she's totally down with doing sexual favors, but then when she finds out he means things like sacrificing her newborn, she's like, "Just kidding I'll be a mortal." Turns out Papa Legba doesn't play that way, and when two guards get in the way of Marie delivering a newborn to her keeper, she rolls her eyes back in her head, makes some noises, and the guards turn and shoot each other.
  • Nan makes Joan drink bleach . . . Joan dies. This is nasty. Nan and Zoe go over to Joan's house to find out where Luke is buried so they can bring him back to life, but his momma has already had him cremated. Nan loses it and makes Joan pour bleach down her own throat, spitting her words back at her: "You have to be cleansed." Joan really should count herself lucky Nan doesn't go the enema route.
  • Marie and Fiona drown Nan. Fiona is desperate for eternal youth, but Papa Legba rejects her as a client, as she has no soul to sell. (No worries, she just snorts a pile of cocaine as a consolation prize.) Being the logical witch that she is, she takes the next best route. Concerned that Nan might be the next Supreme, Fiona and Marie drown Nan in the bathtub and hand over her soul to Papa Legba. This way, that cute baby gets to stay alive and Nan's out of the picture. Everybody wins! Except Nan, I guess.
  • Madison buries Misty alive. This week starts off really wonderfully for Misty. She gets to meet her idol (guest star Stevie Nicks) and she even scores one of her shawls. Madison is lurking in the shadows, worried that Misty might be becoming real competition for Supreme, so she shoves Misty into an open casket and has her buried alive. Maybe this is out of place, but I just want to say I really enjoyed seeing the traditional New Orleans funeral service. Such ambiance.
  • Fiona is a total jerk to Cordelia. OK, maybe this isn't quite "twisted," but the way Fiona deals with Cordelia this week is atrocious. So Cordelia makes a mistake and marries a sworn witch hunter then allows him into their home? It happens! No need to hurl insults like, "You're not just blind, you are willfully blind!" and "You're worthless!" Get your mother-daughter relationship together, people.
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