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American Vandal Netflix Trailer

Netflix's Latest True "Crime" Series Is About D*ck Graffiti (Yes, Really)

Have you ever found yourself watching something like Making a Murderer or listening to Serial and thought to yourself, "Wow, this could really use some more d*ck graffiti?" No? Me neither. But the people at Netflix and Funny or Die clearly did, since the two have teamed up on an eight-part satire following the dramatic saga of a high school student falsely accused of spray-painting penises all over his school (yes, really). Thus, we have the hilarious trailer for American Vandal, above, which features lines like "This is gonna take way more than just ball hairs," and "This isn't about d*cks, this is about the justice system," as well as the tag line "Who drew the d*cks?" If you're dying to get to the bottom of the mystery, all will be revealed when it hits Netflix on Sept. 15.

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