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Bates Motel Season 3 Trailer

The Final Seconds of Bates Motel's Season 3 Trailer Are Chilling

Bates Motel is returning for a new season on March 9, and fans should be all kinds of excited after watching the first teaser. Norman has spent all Summer cuddling up to his mother, Norma, and she's even making him motel manager! Yay! Except obviously they're way too close, and he's taken to sleeping in her bed with her. He's even trying on her lipstick and looking lovingly at her lingerie, held up to himself in the mirror. He's also hallucinating the dead Ms. Watson at school, and at one point he makes out with Emma. At the first teaser's culmination, a body surfaces in the swamp — is it Norma? Only time will tell! The latest teaser is even freakier, as Norman has definitely begun his decent into thinking he's Norma. Watch the trailers below, because you really want to see this.

Here's the first teaser:

Image Source: A&E
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