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Blac Rabbit Band Singing The Beatles Video

Your Jaw Will Hit the Damn Floor When You Hear How Much These Singers Sound Like The Beatles

If you close your eyes and listen to Amiri and Rahiem Taylor sing together, you might just mistake the talented musicians for John Lennon and Paul McCartney. No, seriously โ€” they're that good.

The identical twin brothers are based in NYC and founded a band called Blac Rabbit, but can frequently be seen (and heard) charming commuters throughout the city while performing hits by The Beatles in subway stations with nothing but their guitars and their gorgeous vocals. According to the band's website, their love of The Beatles started in high school when the brothers were learning how to play and write music themselves, and clearly it's stuck with them.

Whether it's "She Loves You" or "Eight Days a Week," the way their voices sound together will give you serious chills, as recently pointed out by Twitter user Matt Whitlock, who was lucky enough to catch them performing. Check out Amiri and Rahiem Taylor in action!

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