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Chappie Trailer With Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Shows His Dark Side in the Chappie Trailer

If District 9 and Elysium are among your favorite movies, you'll be excited to hear that the trailer for director Neill Blomkamp's latest futuristic feature is here. Chappie is the name of the film, and it's also the name of the lifelike robot it centers on. He is created by Dion (Dev Patel) and his friends, supporters of artificial intelligence who want Chappie to have his own thoughts and goals. Enter Hugh Jackman, who is anti-AI because of its unpredictable nature. There doesn't appear to be anything vicious about Chappie, but the trailer does take a violent turn. The movie also stars Sigourney Weaver and Sharlto Copley and is set to open on March 6. Take a look below, and check out more 2015 movies!

Image Source: Sony Pictures
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