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Chelsea Handler Talking About Politics

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Need a refreshing take on the hard political topics you can't seem to escape? We've partnered with Netflix's Chelsea to show you why the show's second season will be your go-to source for humorous news that gets real.

It's no secret that our country has found itself at the epicenter of a political and cultural crisis. From the morning news to social media feeds that are becoming more politically charged by the day, our lives are flooded with heavy topics that radiate negative energy.

Enter Chelsea Handler, the perfect person to help us navigate tough subjects through a lens that's uniquely her own. You may have only thought of her as the funny girl or that outspoken talk-show host, but allow Chelsea to prove exactly why she's an important player in any political conversation. Ahead, we've rounded up four ways she tackles hard topics in quintessential Chelsea style with a unique spin that'll capture your attention — humorous sarcasm and a healthy dose of profanity included.

She gets political with bold statements that resonate

In a short segment that turns facts into humor, Chelsea rounds up every reason she thinks Donald Trump must have syphilis. Pay close attention to her self-diagnosis, and you'll see exactly what Chelsea's underlying message is. Citing his own outspoken voice and the political decisions he's made in his campaign and presidency, her commentary is subtle yet unmistakable and perfectly relevant.

She joins the fight against hate crimes and gun laws

When a tragic shooting left nearly 100 people dead and wounded at a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL, last June, it shook our country in more ways than one. Below, Chelsea and her guests get real about why we can't slow down when it comes to supporting gun control and fighting hate crimes toward those whose traits and values we may not share. Regardless of your gender, race, or sexual identity, she says that "no one should feel like they need to be armed in order to enjoy a night out."

She teaches us about the protest that sparked a social media frenzy

If you noticed a sudden influx of social media check-ins at North and South Dakota's Standing Rock Indian Reservation a few months back, you're not alone. Watch below as Chelsea unpacks the Dakota Pipeline issue and tells us why it deserves our attention. Unfortunately, hosting her show prevented Chelsea from showing up in person, but she shares how to get involved no matter where you are.

She hosts empowering guests that remind us love and acceptance are boundless

Our country's rocky political landscape has shown us that bias is more relevant than our progressive generation would suggest. From violence to diverse religion to hatred of entire cultures unlike our own, Chelsea and her guests use their platform to shed light on these problems and why there's no time for slowing down.

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Feeling inspired? Catch up with Chelsea every Friday on Netflix. Check out this sneak peek of the new episode below.

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