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Dirty Grandpa Trailer

Dirty Grandpa's Red-Band Trailer May Make You Feel Dirty, but There Is Zac Efron Nudity

Get ready to see Robert De Niro like you've never seen him before (very, very dirty) — and Zac Efron like you have (shirtless). In Dirty Grandpa, the two pair up as grandson Jason (Efron) and recently widowed grandpa Dick (De Niro) head to Daytona Beach, FL. Age is nothing but a number to Dick, who wants to get with pretty college girls like Aubrey Plaza and basically make strait-laced Jason's life a living hell. It's kind of like The Hangover meets Spring Breakers with a side of elderly person sex. The red-band trailer for Dirty Grandpa is now available too, with twice as much of De Niro being filthy, but there is a reward of a mostly nude Efron if you stick around. The movie comes out Jan. 22, so check out the red-band trailer now.

Watch the green-band trailer:

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