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Eaten Alive Result | Video

Everyone Is Upset That the Eaten Alive Guy Didn't Get Eaten Alive

By now you've probably heard about Discovery's Eaten Alive, a special that followed naturalist Paul Rosolie as he attempted to get eaten alive by a giant anaconda while wearing a protective suit. However, when the episode actually aired on Sunday, fans were left a little disappointed after Paul failed to get fully consumed by the animal. During an eight-minute tussle with the animal, Paul got the anaconda to eat his arm but soon screamed for help from his security team (which was monitoring the situation nearby) after he felt the snake crush his bones with its powerful jaw. He said afterward, "I started to feel the blood drain out of my hand, and I felt the bone flex. And when I got to the point where I felt like it was going to snap, I had to tap out." Watch part of Paul's stunt above, shortly before he calls for help.

Viewers on Twitter immediately started to mock Paul's failed stunt, complaining that he didn't even get "eaten" after the show had been hyped up for weeks.

Despite his failure, Paul claimed that the reason he did the stunt was to bring attention to the need to conserve the anaconda's natural habitat in the Amazon. He also claimed that the animal was not harmed.

Image Source: Discovery
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