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Emilia Clarke Talking About Game of Thrones Finale Video

Emilia Clarke Told Her Mom How GOT Ends, and There's a Funny Reason She'll Never Spill

As we're all gearing up for season eight of Game of Thrones, of course everyone is dying to know what happens in the finale. The teasers alone have everyone in a tizzy about theories, but there are some people who don't need to theorize, because they already know exactly what happens. During a chat on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Emilia Clarke spilled that she once told her mom how the finale panned out but was quick to mention that her mom will never dish the secrets because "she's a vault, she's just forgotten it."

As it turns out, the producers of the show take keeping the finale a surprise very, very seriously. It wasn't just Clarke's mom who got a sneaky word about the ending of the show; apparently, Sophie Turner spilled the secrets to fiancé Joe Jonas, who consequently had to sign an NDA.

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