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Evil Queen and Robin Hood Get Engaged on Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time: How the Evil Queen and Robin Hood Finally Get Their Happy Ending

Once Upon a Time's season six finale offers a lot of closure. Even though we have a few questions about that twist ending, we were happy to see that some of our favorite characters get a happy ending, including the villains. After Emma wins the final battle, all is right in the world. Prince Charming and Snow White are living out normal lives, Hook and Emma are co-sheriffs, Belle and Rumple have a fresh start raising Gideon, and Regina is finally accepted by the town as their queen. Of course, one of the best happy endings doesn't happen in Storybrooke.

As the realms come back together, we get a glimpse of Regina's darker half, the Evil Queen, in the Enchanted Forest. As she brushes her hair in front of the mirror, wish realm Robin Hood shoots one of his arrows at her, just like when the real Regina and Robin Hood first met. Only difference is, this arrow holds an engagement ring. As she opens the note tied to the jewel, Robin's voiceover reads, "Ready to start a new adventure?" After the real Robin Hood's tragic death in season five, we're happy to see that some form of Robin Hood and Regina were able to live happily ever after. Here's hoping we get a glimpse of their wedding in season seven!

Image Source: ABC
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