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The Gambler Trailer

Mark Wahlberg's New Movie Looks Really, Really Good

Mark Wahlberg is stepping into the shoes that James Caan originated in the upcoming remake of 1974's The Gambler. The full trailer is here, and it showcases The Rolling Stones and Wahlberg's very noticeable weight loss for the role of Jim, a literature professor with a severe gambling problem. So far I'm loving Jessica Lange as his mother, though it's actually really strange to see her out of American Horror Story at this point. Brie Larson plays a student with whom Jim has a relationship, so let's just pretend that 18-year age gap doesn't weird us all out. The movie looks good, and I'm excited to see more of bald John Goodman before its Dec. 19 release date.

Here's the first red band trailer, which debuted a few weeks ago.

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Image Source: Paramount Pictures
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