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Game of Thrones Purple Wedding Recap

Game of Thrones Shocker! Here's Why It's Called the Purple Wedding

Well, well, well, there's finally a Game of Thrones death that makes us want to celebrate! After losing so many beloved characters, this week, it's Joffrey who chokes — literally. On Joffrey and Margaery's elaborate wedding day, things are uncharacteristically calm, though there's a lot of tension. Joffrey's being predictably lame, denigrating all the entertainment, but then things take a distasteful turn when he trots out his own reception show: a group of little people who reenact the struggle for king, in which "Joffrey" comes out victorious.

Once he starts in with Tyrion, visibly disgusted by the show and his nephew's behavior, a neat little series of events unfolds, leading to Joffrey's death. He pours wine on Tyrion's head, then makes him pick up his glass and fill it, and finally, he tries to quench his thirst from his goblet, but finds he can't talk. After choking, sputtering, and vomiting, Joffrey dies on his wedding day in his mother's arms. And there you have it: Joffrey's dead. Before we move on to celebration, let's address a few things.

  • Why it's called the "Purple Wedding": This event is known as the "Purple Wedding" in author George R. R. Martin's books. This name is both a follow-up of sorts to the "Red Wedding" and a reference to both the wine Joffrey chokes on and the gross color his face turns (seriously, the image of his face is as disgusting as his character).
  • So who did it? Any number of suspects could have poisoned the glass, including Tyrion, whom Cersei immediately accuses. Sansa is also an obvious and likely suspect, especially when she's spirited away by the friend she just made last week. Still, plenty of others could have figured out a way to get the poison in the glass. If you haven't read the books, who do you think did it?
  • What's next? Now that Joffrey is dead, what claim will the Lannisters be able to make on the throne? How will Cersei react and grieve? And more importantly, who will we hate as much?!
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