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Gina Rodriguez's Reaction to Winning a Golden Globe

You'll Love Gina Rodriguez Even More When You Hear What She Was Thinking When She Won

We were already big fans of Jane the Virgin's breakout star Gina Rodriguez before she won the Golden Globe, and then she cemented her place in our hearts even more when the first-timer won and gave the most heartfelt speech. Now, we know exactly what she was thinking when she won — and it makes her even more wonderful. The adorable star attended a Q&A at a set visit for reporters this week, and Rodriguez candidly spilled the very real thoughts that were going through her head.

"On Sunday, being there with all the people that make Jane possible — I am nothing without my cast — to have them there with me through that experience was remarkable. To know that the show was recognized was remarkable, and brought me so much joy. But I can tell you, I was thinking: 'Whatever's in God's plan, I want it; have patience and faith, all will be well.' And when they said my name, I was like, 'Don't trip, thank you God, thank you God, don't trip, don't forget anybody's name, who are you going to forget, don't forget anybody's name, was that Oprah? That was Oprah, oh my God! Don't trip, breathe, you do have a mascara that doesn't run, you're gonna be fine.' And oh wow, what a blessing."

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