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The Girl on the Train Movie Trailer

Emily Blunt Gets Tangled in a Web of Lies in The Girl on the Train Trailer

Another look at The Girl on the Train is here! The dark, twisted novel the film is based on tells the story of Rachel Watson, an unreliable, alcoholic, British divorcée who becomes obsessed with a husband and wife she glimpses from the window of the commuter train she takes to work every day — and later gets involved with the investigation of the wife's disappearance. The bestseller is being brought to life on the silver screen with Emily Blunt in the leading role, and it looks like it's going to be every bit as thrilling and suspenseful as we all hoped. Is Rachel crazy? Is she a murderer? Is she the key to solving the mystery? Watch the new trailer above, and check out Blunt and costar Justin Theroux in action in some photos from the set.

First Trailer:

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