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How Does the Horror Movie The Witch End?

Here's the Horrifying, Downright Disturbing Twist at the End of The Witch

How Does the Horror Movie The Witch End?
Image Source: A24 Films

The Witch hits theaters on Feb. 19, so there's not much time left to prepare for one of the most disturbing films of the year so far. We've already done a little digging to figure out how much is historically accurate, but there's something else we need to discuss: the events of the film itself. Are you someone who doesn't mind spoilers? Is your curiosity getting the best of you? Are you planning on skipping The Witch altogether, but still dying to know what happens? You're in luck, because we're breaking down everything that happens in the disturbing, twist-filled ending. Gird your loins, read on for the spoilers, then see the other horror movies on the horizon.

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