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Human Centipede 3 Trailer

The Human Centipede 3 Trailer Isn't at All What You Think It Is

Finished eating for a while? Great, because the Human Centipede 3 trailer is here. You may hear that name and think immediately of the first two movies, which feature torture by way of sewing people's heads to other people's butts. You would be right in assuming that the gruesome gimmick is again on display here, but this new installment isn't really a horror movie; it's a very self-aware parody of the previous movies. It takes place in a grim prison where the wardens have decided to try a new tactic to keep their unruly prisoners in line. Literally in line . . . like as a human centipede. At one point, a warden even whips out DVDs of the previous movies, saying that the method is "100 percent medically accurate." The director of all three films, Tom Six, then shows up on screen to consult with the wardens. Basically, this is madness, but if it's your type of madness, watch the trailer below. The movie will be released in select theaters on May 22.

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