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Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum Are Pure Gold in the Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

If you still remember the first time you saw Independence Day in 1996, the news of a reboot may have made you bristle. Could a sequel do justice to the unforgettable action movie? What would the premise be? And most importantly, would Will Smith return? Well, Smith isn't back, but in his place is Liam Hemsworth, alongside returning stars Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman. Independence Day: Resurgence is one of the many 2016 films we're looking forward to seeing, and the latest trailer just solidifies the hope that, hey, this movie might actually be good! You can check out the above trailer, featuring all the aforementioned stars, plus Maika Monroe (It Follows) and Joey King. The movie is out June 24.

Here's the original trailer:

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