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James Corden and Josh Gad Summer 2019 Movies Skit Video

Hobbs & Shaw Would Have Been VERY Different With James Corden and Josh Gad in the Cast

According to them, "incredible actors on stage and screen" James Corden and Josh Gad have plenty in common. But, though their paths have crossed before, they've never actually made a movie together . . . until now. In a new skit for The Late Late Show with James Corden the guys explain how they finally got the chance to work together on some of the biggest hits of the Summer. But it didn't take long for them to be fired.

It turns out Once Upon a Time in Hollywood doesn't work so well when the leading man can't even light a cigarette, and Hobbs & Shaw isn't quite so action-packed if the guys behind the wheel can't open their car doors or put on seat belts without making an event of it. However, this means there are plenty of laughs to be had for us, especially when it comes to Gad's attempt to mimic Jason Statham's gruff English accent. Watch for yourself to see how things pan out and to discover the perfect role the guys did eventually land.

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