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Jason Momoa Game of Thrones Skit on Saturday Night Live 2018

Khal Drogo Is Back! Jason Momoa Resurrected His Game of Thrones Character on SNL

Khal Drogo is back from the dead. Well, not really, but Jason Momoa did momentarily resurrect the character for a Game of Thrones spoof during his Saturday Night Live debut. The skit involved a talk show on Dothraki Public Access with departed characters as the guests. There were surprise appearances from Hodor, High Sparrow, and more, with Kate McKinnon particularly nailing her King Joffrey impression. A few other highlights include Aidy Bryant's portrayal of Olenna Tyrell, a beard accessories commercial, and a pitch to make Khal on the Wall a thing — you know, like Elf on the Shelf . . . except not.

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