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Kristen Bell's "Tell Me How Long" Music Video

I Can't Stop Watching This Bizarre and Beautiful Music Video Kristen Bell Made About Coral

If you had asked me if Kristen Bell likes coral yesterday, I probably would've responded, "Does anyone not like coral?" Well, anyway, today we have a definite answer: she's really, really passionate about coral. The Frozen actress and Game of Thrones superfan lent her beautiful voice to Netflix for the theme song of its nature documentary Chasing Coral. The song, "Tell Me How Long," is by far the catchiest song about coral that I've ever heard and features lyrics written by Dan Romer and Teddy Geiger (any Love Monkey fans in the house? No?).

The documentary uses time-lapse cameras to record the bleaching currently plaguing coral reefs around the world, which struck a chord with Bell. "I was moved and inspired by Chasing Coral and its message of hope for our planet's future," she said in a press release from Netflix. "I feel a responsibility to care for the Earth in whatever way I can and I was honored to lend my voice to the original song. As we strive to make a better world for our children, I hope this film will ignite real action in advancing climate solutions in our global communities."

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