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Lady Gaga "The Cure" Song

Get Ready, Little Monsters, Because Lady Gaga Just Dropped Your Summer Anthem

Lady Gaga surprised fans when she debuted her new single "The Cure" at Coachella on Saturday night. Following her 18-song set, the singer introduced the song to the crowd, saying, "I've been so excited for this next part of the show because I've been trying to keep it a secret for so long. I've been in the studio and I'd like to debut a brand new song, 'The Cure.'" The track is a bit of departure from her previous country rock efforts, and with lyrics like, "If I can't find the cure / I'll, I'll fix you with my love" and "And if you say you're OK / I'm gonna heal you anyway / Promise I'll always be there / Promise I'll be the cure," you'll be listening to it on repeat.

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