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Lorde Singing South Park Song | Video

South Park Released the Full Version of Sia Singing the Lorde Parody

In case you didn't catch it, South Park recently had a storyline about Randy Marsh secretly being the pop star Lorde. It's as ridiculous as it sounds, though I do recommend it to fans of the crude Comedy Central staple. Lorde once again demonstrated that she's wise beyond her years by being a really good sport about the episode. She tweeted out her approval, then retweeted an interview in which she sings "I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya," from the show. Now, South Park has released a full version of the song — sung by Sia — called, "Push (Feel Good on a Wednesday)" from last week's episode.

Here's the original clip from South Park:

And here's Lorde being awesome and singing it:

In conclusion:

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