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Is Lucas AD on Pretty Little Liars?

Dear Lucas Gottesman, We Know You’re A.D. on Pretty Little Liars

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If you've been watching Pretty Little Liars since the very beginning (basically a lifetime), you probably have a theory or two on who is the most evil of them all. We've been introduced to plenty of bad guys, including Original A, Red Coat, and more, over the course of the series. But it wasn't until the end of season six that we learned there's an ultimate controller: A.D., also referred to as Uber A.

We've known Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson) since season one, and he has long been under suspicion by PLL fans. The current season of PLL, which is also its final (*sobbing emoji*), is fast-forwarded five years after high school graduation. Lucas used to have a huge crush on Hanna Marin in high school, but even years later it looks like he's still basically in love with her. A lot has changed in Rosewood, but oh so much has stayed the same. There's an eeriness about Lucas that we just can't shake, and after you read this, you probably won't be able to either.

Lucas Has the Smarts and the Cash

Just a couple years after graduating high school, Lucas is a tech millionaire. It's not really a surprise since he has always been the nerdy smart guy. Now, Lucas drives a silver Jaguar and has a condo in Palo Alto, CA; a townhouse in Hong Kong; and a loft in Rosewood. He was even supposed to move to Seattle but sold that company and now works in game apps. Whoever A.D. is definitely has the brains and the wallet size to match, and Lucas has both of those under his belt.


A.D. Has It Out For Alison DiLaurentis

It's pretty much understood that A.D. hates Ali. Granted, we know that Ali has hurt a lot of people over the years, so it's pretty much impossible to go off of this factor alone. However, as Reddit user Kate1496 lays out, Ali tortures Lucas in high school, which would give him ample reason to want to get back at her. She called Lucas "Hermie," suggesting that he's a hermaphrodite. Here's an exchange from season two when Lucas accidentally bumps into Ali:

Ali: Don't touch me.
Lucas: It was just an accident.
Ali: Is that what the doctors told your mom and dad at the hospital?
Lucas: What?
Ali: I've heard the stories about you, Hermie.
Lucas: My name is Lucas, Alison.
Ali: You'll always be Hermie to me. Do you still have both?
Hanna: Both what, Ali?
Ali: Parts, Hanna. He's half guy, half girl.

Which is ironic because . . .

Lucas Has Known Charlotte Since Childhood

Before we break this down, remember: Charlotte DiLaurentis had been previously known as CeCe Drake, who is revealed as Red Coat in season six (along with Sara Harvey). Then during the season six midseason finale, we learn that Charlotte was actually born a male as Charles. OK, so let's switch gears and talk about Pastor Ted (who had been dating Hanna Marin's mother, Ashley, but she ends it with him in season five) and how he returns to PLL this season. In episode 14, Hanna and Spencer Hastings go to his home to see if he had seen Mary Drake (who we learned is actually Spencer's biological mother). Pastor Ted denies it, but then we saw that she is actually there in his home.

So what does this have to do with Lucas? Well, Pastor Ted comes clean to Hanna and tells her about his romantic past with Mary and how he is actually Charlotte's father. He showed Hanna photos from when he used to run a camp. In one photo, there was Ted with Charlotte (Charles at the time). But Ted didn't know then that he was Charles's father because Mary never told him. In that same photo is another boy who, upon questioning by Hanna, we found out is Lucas Gottesman. It turns out that Charlotte and Lucas had been best friends as children. If there's one thing we know about PLL, it's that nothing is a coincidence.

Another thing we know about A.D. is that he or she is keen on avenging whoever killed Charlotte. Although we don't yet know the history between Lucas and Charlotte, we know that they knew each other as kids and this could be why A.D. is seeking revenge over her death.

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A.D. May Be Keeping a Close Watch on Hanna

In season six episode 13, Lucas and Hanna ran into each other for the first time in a couple years. Later in the episode, Hanna showed up at Lucas's loft asking him to be her alibi since the police suspect that the Liars killed Charlotte. Realizing how crazy the words sound coming out of her mouth, Hanna tells him to forget it. But before she could leave Lucas says, "Hanna, you need me. I'm there for you." Not only that, but then Lucas lets Hanna and Emily stay at his loft (even though Hanna could have stayed at her mother's home). If you ask us, this is a way for him to keep tabs on her. Side note: This is the same high-tech apartment where Aria Montgomery almost gets blown up in season six. Oh, and Lucas also offers Hanna $1 million to start her business, NBD.

Something else to consider is that in an attempt to get A.D. closer, Hanna lies and said that she killed Charlotte in season six. The strategy doesn't work and Hanna is kidnapped to a farm, held captive, and tortured by A.D. You may be wondering, if Lucas had/has such a crush on Hanna, why would he put her through such a horrible ordeal? Since A.D. appears to be on a mission to get revenge on whoever killed Charlotte, it's possible that not even longtime feelings for Hanna override that.

Lucas Has Ties With Untrustworthy People in Rosewood

Jenna Marshall, Toby Cavanaugh's stepsister, is known for her creepy demeanor and harsh comments, and she's been an important character since the very beginning of PLL. She went MIA and wasn't mentioned or seen until the first half of season six, when she was noticed in a prom photo with her date: Lucas. We're not exactly sure what's going on with these two, but it can't be good. Lucas also has a strange relationship with Mona Vanderwaal, aka, the Original A. Mona used to be embarrassed that Hanna would ever hang out with someone so nerdy back in high school, but the two have been in on some schemes together. It's also notable that Mona admits to calling Charlotte to try to meet up with her the night that she is murdered. We see the company Lucas surrounds himself with and it makes us even more suspicious.

For a while, it seemed like Lucas wouldn't be much of a player in the final season of PLL — but just the opposite is happening. After all, does anyone truly leave Rosewood forever? You have to admit that it would be pretty cool for Lucas to be A.D. We've known him since the beginning and although he hasn't been in the forefront, sometimes there are more clues in what you don't see.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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