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Are Luke and Lorelai Together in the Gilmore Girls Reboot?

Wait, Are Luke and Lorelai Not OK in the Gilmore Girls Reboot?

The countdown to the release of Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life is on (it's in about four months, FYI), and when the cast came to Netflix's Summer TCA this week, they could talk a little about the plot of the four-part installment, but couched it in mystery, of course. We figured that we'd have to wait to find out about Rory's love life, but one thing we were counting on as a comforting constant was Luke and Lorelai's relationship. They end up together in the original series finale and there are pictures of them together (such as this) in the reboot, but something about star Lauren Graham's comment on Lorelai's love life in the reboot isn't sitting right with us.

Speaking to reporters from the TCA stage, Graham confirmed, "She does have a love life," but added this: "I think, not all the questions have been answered." Questions . . . ? But, OK. Don't panic yet.

Graham went on to talk about Lorelai's emotional state — along with the state of the rest of the core characters — in the wake of the death of Edward Herrmann, who played Gilmore patriarch Richard and who died in 2014.


"To me, one of the aspects of the show that felt the same but different, [is] in the wake of losing Ed — which was, and still is, a great loss for us personally — it was also part of our story that we were telling, which was the journey of how everyone is recovering. And that gave the show a depth and emotional complexity, which again to me felt like, 'Here's the show grown up even more.' And I mention that because it plays into all the choices the characters are making, and sort of what they're dealing with, in a new way. So through dealing with that, she makes some decisions."

As vague as these "choices" could be, Graham was talking about choices in the context of Lorelai's love life. So, does that mean that she makes decisions about whether or not to stay with Luke in her grief? Or maybe her recovery makes her want other things — like marriage (there has been a rumor about a wedding in the reboot, after all) — or someone else. In any case, it's just one of the biggest questions we now have about the rebooted Gilmore Girls.

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