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Man Finds Reese Witherspoon's Boot From Wild

This Guy Found the Boot That Reese Witherspoon Throws in Wild

Source: Fox Searchlight

Remember that part in Wild when Reese Witherspoon gets so frustrated that she throws her brown Danner boot (complete with signature red laces) off a cliff? Well, some random hiker found it on a trail in Oregon, and his son posted about it on Reddit. We have so many questions. Wouldn't she have thrown multiple shoes for several takes? Is it possible that there is a whole wealth of shoes down that mountain? What if he actually found the boot that Cheryl Strayed threw down there in real life? Did he immediately know what he had found? Is he keeping it, and if so, where? Seriously, what do you do with an artifact like this? Wild's author, Cheryl Strayed, commented on the story via Facebook: "Someone found Reese's boot! For real. And yes, the film crew adhered to leave no trace practices. They could not find the boot. I'm so glad Chris Keating did. What a funny story."

Source: Reddit user Jaxmus

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