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Michael Fassbender Talking About If He Believes in Aliens

Michael Fassbender Doesn't Just Believe in Aliens — He Thinks They're Here

This week marked the world premiere of Alien: Covenant, the latest installment in the iconic Alien franchise and a sequel of sorts to 2012's Prometheus. On Thursday night, POPSUGAR was lucky enough to land at the film's world premiere in London, where we popped onto the red carpet and even saw the full film in all its terrifying glory. Before we got all the blood and scares, though, we spoke to Michael Fassbender about his character(s), his personal beliefs, and one of the most terrifying movie monsters of all time.

In Covenant, Fassbender's on double duty, playing the part of not one but two different and unique androids. "I mean, David we already know," Fassbender told us, referring to the creepy and calculating character he played in Prometheus. "It's the same guy. His head is attached to his body again." David is more horrifying and villainous than ever in the new film, and now, he has the perfect counterpart. "Walter is the new character. He's on the Covenant," he revealed, referring to the titular spaceship that brings the latest round of alien horror. Walter is an updated version of David. He's much more dutiful and more like a robot, because it's noted that David's almost-human idiosyncrasies made the previous crew too uncomfortable.

Of course, we couldn't resist asking Fassbender why he thinks Covenant (and the monsters therein) is the most horrifying edition to date. All the terror, he explained, lies in the iconic Xenomorph (the giant-foreheaded alien you associate with these films) that first appeared in Alien, the original 1979 film. As we learned from the gory trailers, this version of the creature is set to make a terrifying return. "I think the Xenomorph itself is something that's a very provocative figure," Fassbender mused. "I think it's beautiful. It's repulsive. There's no eyes to it. I think that's terrifying in itself. And that it's a parasite of sorts, it uses us as hosts. I think that, again, is quite an unsettling thought." Having seen the film, if you think the Xenomorph looks scary, wait until you see some of the horrifying sh*t it does in Covenant.

"I think they're among us already."

All things considered, you have to wonder if Fassbender believes in aliens himself. Naturally, he has an equally unsettling answer: "I think they're among us already . . . I just believe that." Um, did we just get a pitch for season eight of American Horror Story?

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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