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Moana Movie Trailer

Journey Into the "Realm of Monsters" in the Breathtaking New Trailer For Moana

After getting a supercute sneak peek of Disney's newest animated movie, Moana, in January, and getting to see the first teaser trailer in July, the Mouse House has finally brought us an official look at its newest princess. The latest trailer provides a little more background on how Moana meets Dwayne Johnson's character, the demigod Maui, and the terrifying villain they have to team up together to take down. If the movie is anything like its gorgeous trailers (which have so many beautiful shots of the ocean that it's basically a virtual vacation), it's safe to say Disney has another huge hit on its hands. From getting a closer look at the film's exciting heroine to seeing what Johnson's charming, tattooed demigod role is all about, all the trailers are chock-full of tidbits that have us more pumped than ever for its Thanksgiving release. Watch the latest clip above!

Teaser Trailer:

International Trailer:

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