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NBA Players Guessing TV Shows Video

Watch 2 NBA Players Try to Identify Popular TV Shows and Fail Miserably

We'd stick to basketball, boys! Kyrie Irving and Terry Rozier may be two of the Boston Celtics strongest players this season, with Rozier stepping up and starting in light of Irving's injury, but when it comes to pop culture, these two struggle. The two point guards recently sat down with Bleacher Report, where they faced off in an attempt to identify popular TV shows, and Rozier made it very clear that he doesn't watch TV.

Irving had a few correct answers, but his teammate absolutely exaggerated when he entered the screen and said, "Ready to ace this!" Watch the video above and see Rozier's hilarious fails — thinking Modern Family was Friends, calling Peppa Pig "Four Little Piggies," and more. It's OK, they'd demolish us in a game of 1-on-1.

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