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Listen Up, Fools: Olenna Tyrell Deserves to Win the Game of Thrones

Listen up, Game of Thrones fans. There's been a whole lot of discussion about who will end up on the Iron Throne at the end of it all. Is it Jon Snow? Will Daenerys sweep it? Maybe the Night's King will rule it all? But I'm here to tell you all . . . NO! There can only be one ruler of Westeros, and the right fit has been in front of us all the whole time. Olenna Tyrell, the "Queen of Thorns," is clearly the only person capable of doing the job.

Not on board with the idea yet? Obviously you haven't been paying attention. That's all right; I'm fully prepared to get into the reasons why the Queen of Thorns should become the Queen of Thrones. Get ready to take some notes, because Olenna will see you now.

She's Clever, Assertive, and Sassy as a Motherf*cker

Olenna is called the Queen of Thorns because of her "thorny" disposition — she's not afraid to say it exactly how it is, even if it's brutal. Whether she's subtly telling Cersei that she knows all about the Lannister twins' incest, or she's telling known Dornish killers to keep their mouths shut, Olenna is fiery and honest in the best way. There's no beating around the bush with her; she'll tell the truth and get it out of you, too.


She's Got a Proven Track Record For Actually Getting Stuff Done

While everybody else in King's Landing quaked with fear over the tyrannical King Joffrey, Olenna Tyrell actively solved the problem by having him killed, sparing her granddaughter an abusive monster of a husband. She also solved another problem in the process, framing Tyrion Lannister and allowing Sansa Stark to escape her own personal prison.

She'd Tackle the Infrastructure Issues in King's Landing

Let's be real: Olenna knows that King's Landing smells like human waste, and as someone who lives in a castle known for its lovely roses, she's sure to fix things up ASAP when she takes the throne.

She Has Perspective and Wisdom

Unlike the young folks vying for the throne, Olenna has been around the block more than once. After losing her whole family to Cersei's wildfire, she's got a more sobered perspective than ever; and with so many decades of life under her belt, she's got experience enough to sweep the competition. With age comes wisdom!

Image Source: HBO
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