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Pretty Little Liars Recap of "Love Shack"

Pretty Little Liars: The OMG Moments From "Love Shack"

Argh! This just keeps happening over and over again! Just when we think we're getting close to answers on Pretty Little Liars, they slink back into the shadows just beyond our reach. I'm not sure why I've grown to expect anything else. The girls have such a valuable tool on their hands, Ali's old journal, and not only do they lead A right to it, but they decode a good chunk of it before doing so. Go figure.

Aside from the heartbreak of watching the girls mess things up again, Hanna's dealing with heartbreak of her own and hiding it. In fact, all of the girls are keeping secrets from each other, which we know is exactly what A wants. Speaking of A, it's safe to say we've all been holding out hope that Ezra's not as bad as he looks, but after this week, it might be time to let go of our denial. Let's go over this week's episode.

  • The girls begin to unpack the secrets in Ali's journal. The book in question is tangled with pseudonyms and cryptic poems, and Emily develops a color-coding system so they can figure which stories are about them and which aren't. It's clearly a precious resource, seeing as someone is desperate to get it back. Yes, we're talking about Ezra Fitz.
  • Does Hanna have a new man? Remember Travis, that guy who helped exonerate Ashley Marin? Well he's cute and nice and still hanging around. So, let's hope Hanna has a rebound from Caleb, because she certainly needs it.
  • Ezra is lurky, suspicious, and definitely not who he pretends to be. You can write off skulking around the school halls, but you know what you can't write off? Ezra listening to a recording of Ali pleading for help: "You still can't see who's threatening me? Look, I need to figure out where to go. I need to make a plan, some sort of escape. I don't know. I need a way to not be Alison DiLaurentis anymore." Kind of hard to justify that one.
  • Hanna and Mike hooked up?! Well, at least we get some juicy tidbits from the journal before it vanishes! Hanna admits that she hooked up with Aria's baby brother Mike back in the day, earning her the nickname "Cradle Robber" from Ali.
  • Emily is most certainly the weakest link. After Ali visits her in what we're not sure is dream or reality, it's suddenly clear to Emily (and us) that she's still heartbroken over Ali. Emily later gets a note — presumably from Ali — telling her to meet at their special spot, and when the note writer's a no-show, Emily leaves her bracelet as a sign she was there. This is the bracelet A leaves after snatching the journal, meaning A knows exactly how to push Emily's buttons.
  • Aria's hiding things, too. Not only does Aria omit that the girls are all camped out in Ezra's cabin, but she doesn't even tell them she's talking to him again! What will happen when she finds out Ezra's up to no good? Will he pull her to the dark side?
  • Everyone is in a scramble for that journal. So, something's not right to me here. We see Ezra stalking the girls and later ransacking Hanna's room for the journal, but we don't see the identity of the person who steals it from the cabin. I hate assuming things with this show, so is it possible someone else is A and was after it, too? If so, is Ezra working with or against this person? If it was Ezra, why not show us? We need answers, and soon.
  • Let's discuss the other burning questions we still have. What's in the basement under Ezra's cabin? Who's buried in Ali's casket?

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