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Pretty Little Liars Recap of "Shadow Play"

Pretty Little Liars: What We Think We Know After This Week

It was a strange week on Pretty Little Liars, mostly because we spend almost the entire episode trapped in Spencer's drug-induced hallucinations. We're suddenly plunged into a crazy film-noir world, filled with classic detectives, damsels in distress, and old-timey villains. It's easy to dismiss the events this week, as most of them aren't based in reality.

Then again, might Spencer's delusions be visions of the future? Could the show runners be foreshadowing events? There's a lot that's up in the air, and while we hate to make assumptions, we're just as confused as you are. Join us as we pick apart the mystery in the elusive black and white "Shadow Play" and try to figure out exactly what's going on.

  • We can't trust what happens in Spencer's black and white fantasy. It's easy to assume that everything that takes place in this episode — including the film noir portion — happens in reality, too. What we have to remember, though, is Spencer never moves from her spot in the kitchen, and it all happens in her head. This gets confirmed when Spencer, Emily, and Hanna are shocked to see Aria and Ezra back together at the end, when the color returns.
  • There are parts of this episode we can accept as truth. Even if we consider the fact that the black and white portion of this week takes place in Spencer's mind, we learn a lot of things about Spencer. She doesn't trust Alison. Even Toby is switching roles from her interrogator to her rescuer, so Spencer might not be sure where his loyalty lies.
  • There are a few things we can still assume after this week. Mona and Ezra are working together on something, based on that sketchy meeting last week and her trip to his classroom this week. Also, Ezra wanted them to find the journal again, and they really do have the upper hand.
  • We can't tell if Toby is good or evil anymore. Much like his actual arc on the show, Toby blurs the lines in this episode, making me wonder what he's up to. We see him commiserating with Ezra and interrogating Spencer, only to turn around and punch Ezra out to rescue the girls. It makes me think his time on the "A" team isn't quite over.
  • Alison might be in serious trouble. In the black and white sequence, Ezra tells Toby that Ali's alive. Does this mean her secret isn't safe for long? Either way, the more Ali gets exposed, the greater the danger that "A" catches up to her.
  • What about all that stuff Aria said about villains? I'll admit, it was kind of weird how Aria mentions that the villain sometimes wins. I might argue that she either knows what Ezra's up to, or she's subtly becoming one of the more prominent "A" candidates.

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