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Pretty Little Liars Season Five Premiere Recap

The 5 Most Confusing Things About the Pretty Little Liars Premiere

Well, this week marked the season five premiere of Pretty Little Liars, and it's safe to say we were all hoping for answers. The question is, though, did we get them? And the answer to that question is, well, not really.

OK, it's true that there were quite a few big reveals in the premiere, but how much can we actually believe? What did they actually tell us? Keep scrolling to find out what we think about the supposed "A" reveal, Rosewood's new "support" group, and the terrible secret Melissa Hastings is hiding.

Group therapy comes to Rosewood.

We can pretty much say with certainty that Mona is still her crazy old self, but what we can't wrap our minds around is the weird support group she starts in Rosewood, where all of Ali's old school victims get together to reopen old wounds. What's the purpose of all this? Is she building a new "A" team, or just looking to talk about her feelings?

Ezra is, in fact, alive.

This left us dizzy with way more questions than we got answers. Ezra was paying CeCe? How did he know about Shana? Are he and Aria getting back together? And finally, why does Ezra have a criminal record, and what's going to happen now that Detective Holbrook is on his case?

CeCe and Alison are actually on the same side, apparently.

OK, what?! And all this time we thought CeCe was the spawn of the devil. It's hard to believe her spying, her murdering Detective Wilden, and all her other questionable behavior was ultimately rooted in good. It just seems too convenient.

Shana reveals herself as a member of the "A" team.

Listen, it's not that this came out of nowhere. We knew Shana was kind of shifty. We knew she was involved with Jenna, and Mona, and all of them. We were even a little incredulous when Ali said she was good. But this can't be it, right? We're not going to believe Shana, or even Jenna, was Big "A" this whole time. This is not the end. It can't be.

Melissa Hastings is hiding something big.

What could she possibly be sitting on that's so huge? And why can't she tell her mom? And why, of everyone, would she trust her father? Whatever it is, we're hoping it's big, and we're hoping we find out soon.

What did you think of the premiere?

Source: ABC Family

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