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Ranking of Pretty Little Liars Parents

After Years of Being a Diehard Pretty Little Liars Fan, Here Are My Lingering Thoughts on All the Parents

Ranking of Pretty Little Liars Parents
Image Source: Everett Collection

Pretty Little Liars has been off the air for over two years, and any sane human being would have inevitably moved on with their life by now. I am unfortunately, proudly, tragically no such person. What ever happened to Holden? How did Jenna end up? Is she happy? And how, how, HOW did the moms get out of that basement?

But speaking of the moms, I have long since believed that more attention deserved to be paid to the parents, the unsung heroes who raised these pretty little liars and made for the most riveting teen drama known to television (I say with the utmost love and appreciation). We owe them a debt of gratitude, for without them, this drama-filled show would be for naught. What is truly great about them all is how wildly varied each parent is — from the good to the bad — and how fantastically all of the actors played them. Each one brought something unique to the characters that made us either love them or hate them, and for that, we adore them. Here I present to you the parents of Pretty Little Liars, ranked from best to worst.

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