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Richie Rich Netflix Trailer

Netflix's Richie Rich Trailer Might Make You Cry on the Inside

If you love the classic 1994 kids movie Richie Rich, you're about to have some seriously mixed feelings. The trailer for Netflix's TV reboot is here, and it's pretty different. In this incarnation, Richie (Jake Brennan) is the one who earns the money, discovering a way to turn vegetables into an energy source. Now, he lives in a mansion with his family, a robot maid, and best friends, including Darcy, played by Jenna Ortega, aka young Jane from Jane the Virgin. The concept is essentially the same as the Macaulay Culkin movie, but it definitely feels more like a supergoofy kids show. Who knows, maybe it'll be the next Girl Meets World? The full season will be available on Netflix this Friday.

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