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SNL "Valentine's Song" Music Video February 2019

Kate McKinnon Literally Took Me Out With Her Singing in SNL's "Valentine's Song" Music Video

Although Saturday Night Live's Feb. 9 episode featured Halsey as both the musical guest and the host, there was another standout singer among the cast: Kate McKinnon. McKinnon joined Halsey and Aidy Bryant in a hilarious music video about having your Valentine's Day ruined by family members and acquaintances when all you want to do is be with your significant other. The video was already funny with Bryant singing about her mother messing up a romantic moment for her and Halsey crooning about her boss getting her a giant stuffed animal, even though they're not friends. But I nearly hit the floor when McKinnon came on the screen belting about her son awkwardly giving her an intimate Valentine's Day card without knowing what it meant. So do yourself a favor, and watch the video above for a good laugh!

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