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So You Think You Can Dance Gun Violence Routine Video

So You Think You Can Dance Tackles Gun Violence in Powerful Routine From Travis Wall

So You Think You Can Dance has had its fair share of powerful dance numbers throughout its 16 seasons, but I'll admit that few have made me quite as emotional as Monday night's group performance tackling the worsening gun violence problem in the US. The contemporary piece, brilliantly set to Harry Styles's "Sign of the Times," was choreographed by SYTYCD season two alum Travis Wall.

The two-minute routine sees the current season's top 10 delving into the mental and emotional toll that gun violence and mass shootings have had on a chunk of the population. By the end of the number, the dancers remove their t-shirts and turn their backs to the audience to reveal the word "Enough" spelled out on their costumes, a nod to the campaign to establish stricter gun legislation in America.

Grab some tissues and then watch the full routine above.

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