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Songs Written by Julia Michaels

16 Songs You Didn't Know Were Cowritten by "Issues" Singer Julia Michaels

Songs Written by Julia Michaels
Image Source: YouTube user JP Saxe

After releasing her debut solo single "Issues" back in 2017, singer-songwriter Julia Michaels made a name for herself after hiding in the shadows of the music scene for many years prior. The Iowa native, who has toured with the likes of Maroon 5 and Pink, previously wrote hits for other big-name artists such as Selena Gomez and Gwen Stefani, but she broke away from anonymity when she burst into the music scene headfirst with her breakout track. "Issues" garnered the songstress two Grammy Award nominations for both song of the year and best new artist and helped her carve out her own unique voice in an ever-changing and evolving music scene. Since then, Michaels has continued to pen not only hits for herself, but for her fellow artists as well, including her latest song "If the World Was Ending" with JP Saxe. The two singers teamed up to write this beautiful track. Saxe said in a press release, "It was a couple weeks after the last earthquake in LA. [Michaels and I] were talking about the reasons people have to not talk to the people they really want to talk to . . . but know they shouldn't talk to, and how many of those reasons would hold up in the apocalypse." Hear that song and 15 others in the gallery ahead.

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