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Ted 2 Trailer

Things Get Raunchy (and Mildly Offensive) in Ted 2's Red Band Trailer

Those of us who enjoyed Seth MacFarlane's teddy-bear-come-to-life comedy, Ted, will probably find a lot to laugh at in the trailer for this year's sequel, the aptly named Ted 2 — even if most of your brain is telling you that what you're watching is very, very stupid and also pretty offensive. Mark Wahlberg is back as John, who's still best friends with his childhood bear, Ted (voiced by MacFarlane), and we've reached that very important time in a bear's life when he wants to become a father. Your assumptions about stuffed-bear fertility being correct, Ted and his wife (that's right) need a donor, so obviously they ask John. Gross sperm jokes ensue, but so do some legitimately funny moments. Absent is John's first love interest, played by Mila Kunis, but in her place is Amanda Seyfried as a lawyer, who's ready to prove to the world that Ted is "real." But who cares about the plot? You know you just came for the cringe-worthy jokes. Enjoy them below and when the film comes out on June 26.

The first red band trailer:

Check out the Super Bowl spot:

Here's the first trailer:

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