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What Is Netflix's Black Earth Rising About?

Michaela Coel Goes on a Journey That Changes Her Life Forever in Netflix's Black Earth Rising

Netflix can't stop, won't stop releasing new content! Just a day after Ryan Murphy's new series Ratched was announced, the streaming giant dropped a trailer for its new genocide drama starring Michaela Coel and John Goodman.

The BBC series — which originally aired in the UK last Fall — tells the story of Rwandan legal investigator Kate Ashby (Coel), who was adopted by British prosecutor Eve Ashby (Harriet Walter). When Eve begins working on a case at the International Criminal Court, prosecuting an African militia leader, Kate teams up with American lawyer Michael Ennis (Goodman) and they set out on a journey to uncover her hidden past.

The eight-part series was written and directed by Hugo Blick. "'The past is never dead. It's not even past.' I was never quite sure what this famous quote meant but by following the fictional journey of a young black legal investigator in her global quest to unearth exactly who she is and where she comes from — now I do," Blick told IndieWire. "But then my heroine gets to discover something else that's altogether more terrifying and deadly: That some people's past is so secret others will stop at nothing to keep it buried." Black Earth Rising hits Netflix on Jan. 25.

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