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Who Does Archie End Up With in the Archie Comic Books?

Who Does Archie End Up With in the Comic Books? The Answer Is Grim

When it comes to Riverdale (and the Archie comics, for that matter), there's a given fact that's always been and always will be: Archie is forever caught in a love triangle between Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. This who-will-he-choose model has persisted through the decades and decades of comic book issues, and has already emerged as a romantic sticking point in the TV series. Betty makes it clear that she's in love with Archie from the get-go, and his chemistry with Veronica is undeniable. With all the tension brewing, it's hard not to look to the source material to figure out where this might go. And, well, we have some bad news.

First of all, there is a storyline in the Archie comics where Archie gets married. In Issue #600, Archie proposes to and marries Veronica. In subsequent issues, the two plan a gorgeous wedding and welcome a beautiful set of twins. This all seems fine and dandy until Issue #603 . . . when Archie proposes to and marries Betty. Yes, we're suddenly thrust into an alternate universe that shows everything that would happen if Archie were to choose Betty instead. They plan a gorgeous wedding and live happily ever after. In Issue #606, we get the epilogue to this story: Archie snaps out of these visions of the future. None of it happened. It was all just fantasy.

You might argue that the fact that Archie picks Veronica first is telling in and of itself, but that's the most you could say to come to any kind of conclusion. I mean, someone had to go first, and Veronica is clearly the more divisive choice, mostly because Archie and Betty always seemed like soulmates. Picking Veronica first was a surefire way to dredge up interest, get people talking, and convince people to buy and read. But with Betty filling in the back half of this story, the reality is that he doesn't pick either one, or he picks both, or however you want to say it. Bottom line: we don't get our answer.

And then, we don't really know how else to sugar coat it: Archie dies. In 2010, the Archie comics were revived with the title Life With Archie, and in Issue #37 of this series, Archie sustains a fatal gunshot wound while trying to protect his friend, Kevin Keller. According to an "obituary" in The New York Times, his last words to both Betty and Veronica were, "I've always loved you." The original Archie Andrews never really makes his choice. Even as he breathes his final breaths and says his final words, he's committed to making us wonder.

Rest assured, we may one day get an answer. In 2015, Archie comics came back to life with New Riverdale, a more modern reimagining and revamping of the Archie universe. And yes, Archie is alive once again, and maybe he'll actually make a choice this time. Then, there's the Riverdale TV series. Earlier this year, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased that we may get our answer, but not for a long time. "In the series finale, we'll finally answer the question," he hinted. "If Betty and Veronica even care about Archie at that point — they will as friends, but they're not waiting around for him to make his decision." Hey, at least we won't be in the dark forever.

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