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You TV Show Rom-Com Movie Trailer

Netflix Created a Rom-Com Version of You, and It's So Sweet, It'll Drive You Crazy

Image Source: Lifetime

Warning: mild You spoilers ahead!

Netflix's You is many things: thrilling, chilling, steamy, and terrifying. However, it's not a romantic comedy. But what if you removed all the cyberstalking, real-life stalking, obsession, and, uh, murder? Well, you might get a sweet love story! It just wouldn't be about Joe Goldberg and Guinevere Beck. Joe and Beck — played by Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail, respectively — were the key focus of the show's first season. Joe's dark nature doomed the couple from the start, and I certainly didn't root for them to stay together. Yet, another romantic (less-psychotic) relationship blossomed in the background: Joe's Mooney's bookstore coworker, Ethan (Zach Cherry), was searching for love and found it with Beck's classmate Blythe (Hari Nef).

Netflix went ahead and re-imagined You from the lens of Ethan and Blythe in a fake movie trailer. Thank god their storyline isn't insane, it's just insanely sweet. Joe is relegated to the wary best friend role, and you know what, I like this less serial-killer side of him so much better. But don't expect sappiness like this from the real show — I'll be back to my distrusting ways once season two rolls around. Check out the trailer below!

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