All I Want to Talk About Today Is Adam DeVine's Disastrous Audition For Pitch Perfect

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I imagine that auditioning for a movie is stressful. Nerve-racking. Difficult. One might even want to throw up, at times! (Can you tell I have stage fright yet?) But if you're Adam DeVine, it seems like it's as easy as walking into a room full of strangers completely unprepared for the task at hand and singing the first, most profane song that comes to mind . . . because that's exactly what he did when auditioning to play Bumper in Pitch Perfect.

While sitting down with James Corden on Wednesday night, the Jexi actor recalled how his involvement in the a cappella film franchise came to be. Spoiler alert: he thought he was auditioning for a baseball movie.

"I read the sides, and I was like, 'wow, there's a lot of singing in this baseball movie,'" he laughed. "And then I realized what it [was], and I go in the audition room, and they were like 'what song did you prepare?' and I'm like, 'I didn't prepare a song. Take it or leave it.'" Alas, the casting director wasn't impressed, and DeVine had to improvise. "I just sang that song that was popular on the radio at that time, which was, 'Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass . . .'"

In the end, the Big Sean track didn't do the trick either, and DeVine had to choose yet another (and equally bizarre) song to perform. Watch his hilarious retelling of the story above!