To All the Boys I've Loved Before Inspired These Love Letters, and We're Gonna Need a Minute

It's safe to say that we've all heard about Netflix's romantic comedy To All the Boys I've Loved Before by now. If you haven't, where have you been? You have a lot to catch up on!

The story of Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kravinsky is adorable for a lot of reasons, but a big one is their fondness for writing each other love letters. Lara Jean only writes two letters to Peter — one she never intended for him to read and one to fully express her feelings for him — but Peter writes her little notes every day during school. If you weren't already half in love with him, that definitely pushed you over, didn't it? Obviously love letters are a big deal in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before fandom, and inspired by their passion, Netflix decided to spread some of that love on Twitter.

On Aug. 21, the streaming service sent out a call for love letters from its followers. They would email their letters and Netflix would tweet them out to their special someones without revealing the sender. Although Netflix started with the best intentions, some of their tweets didn't sit well with a few Twitter users who were rightfully concerned about the privacy of receivers. Thankfully, a majority of the letters were sent to close friends or loved ones, and they're really adorable! Keep reading to witness the magic that To All the Boys I've Loved Before inspired, and maybe you'll be swayed to send one of these yourself.