Archie Is Getting Killed Off, and His Cause of Death May Surprise You

Back in April, Archie Comics revealed that their iconic leading man, Archie Andrews, would be killed off to mark the end of his series, Life With Archie. Now, Jon Goldwater, the publisher of Archie Comics and co-CEO, has given more details about the end of Archie, saying that he will die while trying to protect his gay best friend, Kevin Keller, from getting killed during an assassination attempt. The grim end of Archie is quite the departure from the character's usual lighthearted storylines, which typically revolved around him being stuck in a love triangle with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Archie's last issue will be released on Wednesday.

Kevin was introduced to the world of Riverdale four years ago, making him the first openly gay character in Archie Comics. He's a relatively new character compared to the other regulars in Archie Comics, which has been publishing comic books since 1941. Kevin's introduction sparked a bit of controversy when he was released, and the protest led by One Million Moms, an antigay group, sparked the Archie Comics writers to give Kevin his first on-panel kiss last year. Source: Archie Comics